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Ferry Service
The ferry schedule from Antigua changes frequently. Be sure to book ahead. Check out the most current schedule at these websites:

Ferry tickets can now be booked online at:

Flights to Montserrat
Flights to Montserrat from Antigua can be arranged via:

Car Rentals in Montserrat
Car rental is strongly recommended while on island. Reserve ahead through:

Flights to Antigua
The following airlines have scheduled flights to Antigua from Canada, US and UK:

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Creating New Tourism Attractions on Montserrat
Plymouth, the lost capital, has been closed to residents and visitors since 1997. Viewed up close, the remains of the town and the debris from the eruption are awe-inspiring and the story of the volcano’s effect on our community is at once frightening and inspiring.
more ...

Attractions and Adventures around the Island
· Calendar of Events
· George Martin's Air Studios
· Green Monkey Dive Shop
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· Sea Wolf Diving School

About Montserrat
Montserrat, known fondly as the “Emerald Isle” of the Caribbean, is a lush green and mountainous island of approximately 39 square miles that lies in the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. This pear-shaped island is a traveler’s paradise for nature lovers, divers, and adventurers. The former capital city, Plymouth, lies buried in volcanic ash, a transformation that likens this British overseas territory to a modern day Pompeii, while in contrast, the rest of the island flourishes, boasting green mountains, world-class nature trails, deserted dark sand beaches, untouched reefs and a quiet, friendly charm reminiscent of the way the Caribbean used to be.

The official language is English, often flavored with a strong Montserratian accent, and sometimes spoken very fast.

Montserrat is located at 16 45 N, 62 12 W, and 27 miles southwest of Antigua.

Montserrat’s economy was damaged by the volcano, but is now coming back even stronger. Now is a great time to invest in this undervalued island. Focus your investment and your business expansion opportunities in the Emerald Isle and experience the Caribbean at its best.

Climate & Rainfall
Winter and summer temperatures average between 24 and 32 Celsius (76 to 88 F) with constant breezes from the sea and mountains. The annual rainfall is about 1,250-2,000 mm or 50-80 inches, well distributed throughout the year, with a wetter season from July to November.

Time Difference
Same as Eastern Standard Time in summer, and one hour ahead in winter (we don't change but they do). We're 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (5 hours behind Britain during British summer time).

Plymouth (abandoned in 1997 due to volcanic activity). Government Offices and major commercial activity are now centred in the areas of Brades, Carr's Bay, Little Bay and Sweeneys in the north-west end of Montserrat. New Developments have begun at Little Bay.

Light casual clothing, but bring along some long pants and sturdy shoes if you intend to hike.

The predominant religion is Christianity and there are many denominations and churches.

Proof of citizenship is required. A valid passport is recommended for all visitors; however, US, Canadian and British citizens may present a driver's license or official ID card as proof of citizenship. Entry visas may be required of visitors from other countries such as Cuba and Eastern Bloc Countries, and can be obtained from British Consulate offices. An onward or return ticket is required. CARICOM citizens can travel on an official ID card, which must bear a photograph of the individual. There shall be proof of accommodation and one must possess sufficient funds to sustain one’s self for the length of the visit.

10  Taxes
Departure & Airport Security
Departure and airport security tax from Montserrat is EC$35 (US$13) for CARICOM nationals and EC$55 (US$21) for other nationals.

Accommodation Tax
10% for hotels and 7% for Guesthouses, B&Bs and Villas.

10% service charge added at most restaurants, otherwise at your discretion.

Yachting Charges
There is an EC$45 (about US$14) charge for all yacht arrivals at the port levied by the Port Authority. Customs makes no charge for attendance from Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-4 pm. There is however a charge levied outside of those hours and on Public Holidays to cover staff overtime; this is set presently at 55 EC$ per hour with a minimum of EC$110 per call out.

11  Government
Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory, with a British Governor and a locally elected government led by the Chief Minister. There is an Executive Council and a Legislative Council with nine elected members including four ministers of government.

12  Population
The population is currently estimated at 4,875. This is reduced from a former 12,000, as many residents went to live overseas at the height of the volcanic activity.

13  Banks and Financial Institutions
There are two main commercial banks - the Bank of Montserrat and the Royal Bank of Canada, located in Brades. ATM Cash Machines are located at both Institutions. There is also the St. Patrick's Cooperative Credit Union and the Montserrat Building Society.

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